When it comes to finding an excellent orthodontics team in the Lakeway and Spicewood, TX areas, look no further than Dr. Gallagher and the team at Gallagher Orthodontics. We provide worry-free orthodontic treatment, including braces for teens in Spicewood, TX.

Our orthodontic treatment options at Gallagher Orthodontics are unique to each of our patients. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn about our orthodontic treatment services for teens.

What to Expect When Beginning Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has become a standard cosmetic procedure over the last few decades. Modern technology has given us many options when it comes to oral care. Dr. Gallagher takes particular care to help patients make the best orthodontic treatment decisions to transform their smiles. Our teen patients see the benefits in our orthodontic treatment services and the experience of our team.

Some teens may experience some discomfort when they have their braces first put on. However, this is common for most patients and is only temporary while your teeth are beginning to shift. Keep in mind, the benefits of braces far outweigh the short adjustment period and you are now on your way to achieving your new smile!

How Long Will I Wear Braces?

The amount of time a patient needs to wear braces varies for each case. The younger you are, the more likely your jaw is still developing. Getting braces as a teen is an excellent option because it can correct any existing problems, and shifting is less likely after braces come off. The typical range for treatment time is anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

The length of time you’ll need braces will also depend on the problems that need correcting. If straightening the teeth requires a lot of movement, treatment will most likely take longer.

Dr. Gallagher and our orthodontic team tailor treatments to suit the best outcomes for our patients. We will take the time to evaluate your situation to determine the best option for you and your budget.

How to Protect Your Braces

When you have your braces, it’s essential to take proper care of your braces and teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene. Thorough brushing and flossing should be a part of your morning and nighttime routines.

Braces can make chewing particular foods more difficult, and some foods can even cause damage to braces. Hard or sticky foods can pull on the wiring and brackets of your braces and should be avoided. When braces snap or break, it can be a tedious repair that could prolong treatment time.

Using fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles will help keep teeth and braces clean. A flossing threader should be used regularly to clean between teeth and remove any food stuck between teeth. Any food that remains stuck between teeth can cause bacteria to grow and harm the quality of your enamel. Maintaining oral hygiene with consistent brushing and flossing is the best way to shorten your treatment and keep your braces clean and your mouth healthy.

Treatment Options

Here at Gallagher Orthodontics, we provide different orthodontic treatment options for teens. The treatment option determined will vary by each patient and their unique case. Dr. Gallagher provides both metal braces and ceramic braces to give patients a variety of options.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most familiar type of braces and use metal brackets that are attached to the teeth and connected with a wire that slowly straightens the teeth. The wire is stretched tightly across the brackets and acts as a guide to move the teeth into their desired positions.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are used as a more discreet alternative to metal braces. Ceramic braces function just like metal braces with wire and brackets but use a tooth-colored, ceramic material instead of metal. Many teens opt for ceramic braces because they are less noticeable on the teeth.