Orthodontic treatment options like braces can be an effective solution to achieving the smile of your dreams. This goal can even be accomplished in adulthood. Braces for adults not only come with the benefit of straight teeth, but they can also serve as a treatment for improved overall oral health.

If you’re debating getting braces as an adult, rest assured that we will provide the best and most effective orthodontic services available in Spicewood, TX, and the surrounding area. Here at Gallagher Orthodontics, we use our decades of experience to provide high-quality, stress-free, and affordable treatment to our patients.

Dr. Gallagher and our orthodontic team are committed to helping our patients achieve beautiful smiles and improved oral health. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if braces for adults are a good option for you.

Why You May Need Orthodontic Treatment

Many adults with crowded or crooked teeth, in addition to other oral health issues, are good candidates for braces. If you’re looking to improve your oral health, confidence, and aesthetic of your smile, orthodontic treatment may be a great option for you.

Crooked or crowded teeth can sometimes affect the function of your teeth and cause pain in the mouth and jaw. Orthodontic treatment like braces for adults can solve an uncomfortable issue caused by misaligned teeth.

Oral health issues like TMJ, chronic jaw pain and earaches, or even bone erosion could result from improper tooth or jaw alignment. Braces in adulthood often are used as a solution to the issues mentioned above.

Dr. Gallagher and the team at Gallagher Orthodontics provide treatment to meet the needs of all of our patients. For adults who have felt unhappy about their smiles, orthodontic treatment can provide exciting and life-changing benefits.

Treatment Options

Dr. Gallagher provides personalized treatment for each patient. Because patients have different goals and lifestyles, we offer several treatment options to ensure that no patient feels left out. Our treatment offerings include the following:

Metal braces use metal wires and metal brackets that gradually straighten the teeth to which they are attached. The wire used in metal braces is stretched across the brackets and periodically tightened to help move the teeth into place. Ceramic braces and clear aligners are usually sought out due to their more discreet design.

Regardless of which service you need, we can provide the expertise and experience to make the treatment as stress-free and effective as possible. We take pride in giving our patients the best treatment options to suit their needs and offer the latest in orthodontic technology for the most accurate results.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t happen overnight, but the exact amount of time will vary by patient and severity of the situation. Treatment time is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of adjustments needed during treatment and how well a patient takes care of their braces. Brushing and flossing will help keep treatment time short while preventing oral health issues like gum disease.

A typical braces treatment for adults will last about 12-24 months but depends heavily on the parameters of each case. During treatment, braces are adjusted at scheduled visits. Most commonly, these tightening sessions are required every four to six weeks.

Because the end goal and cosmetic benefits of braces are to obtain straight teeth, the treatment time will depend on how much the teeth need to move to the desired position.

Here at Gallagher Orthodontics, we optimize our treatment to provide the shortest and most effective timeline possible.